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B2B Social Selling

Social selling is more than the use of Social Media channels to generate leads and reach out to prospects. As more and more customers are getting engaged in various social channels, we at resplendent global implement multi prong strategy that brings in more sales through different social channels. Apart from product sales, Social Selling helps you to sell your idea, establish a long term credibility, attract talent and eventually win customers.

B2B Strategies we adopt

Linkedin, Facebook Groups, Twitter and all other industry social networking sites where sales professionals visit and find buyers are the right place to initiate conversations with prospects. These locations also act as a place to build great reputation.

Building credibillity by extending relevant and curated content attract attention. Answering questions and assisting buyers (even outside the product and services portfolio you deal with) helps in building credibility.

Merely building brand credibility will not let the sales conversion happen. B2B buyers always seek partners who can help them to build their businesses. Showcasing authority in the subject matter that brings in positive impact on the client's business will only strengthen the business relationship.

Trust is the core of of all B2B decision making process. Trust is built on the authority that a company showcases to its client. It is the last barrier in the purchase decision making process. A buyer's trust eventually leads to product consideration - a step closer to 'closing the sale'.

We help develop strong relationships with your customers and get more referral businesses.

How do we do it?

We develop strategies that combines Reputation and Revenue together. As these two important components work hand-in-hand, we create an amalgamated solution which creates long term positive impact and create a favourable response to the overall revenue.

  • We take responsibility of a set percentage of Sales Pipeline
  • Help improving audience perception to drive profitable conversion
  • We turn business data into a business asset
  • We reduce overall marketing cost by integrating business CRM with inbound and outbound funnel activities

Want to increase your sales through Social Channels?